Polygon 34, a subsidiary of Karanfil Group, is a modern shooting range with all kinds of security measures.

The 25 meter indoor shooting range is designed with modern technology and covered with acoustic sound absorbing, fireproof coating against all kinds of sound and noise.

It is constructed in accordance with the shooting range specifications in which the powder odor and particles accumulated in the shooting range are thrown directly out and the natural air is supplied directly through the first class ventilation system.

Polygon 34 was inspected by the experts of the Chemical-Civil-Electrical and Mechanical Faculties of Yıldız Technical University in terms of safety of life and property and received a positive report.

Polygon 34, which operates in accordance with the International Shooting Association standards, have fire department and police, EIA and Environmental Urban Planning Directorate approvals.

In Polygon 34, customers can shoot with their own licensed guns or various weapons of the range with the help of experienced trainers.

Polygon 34 also has a decent welcome lounge, parking lot and a masjid.