Expand Your Mind, Change Your World!

Karanfil Publishing, a Karanfil Group company, started its operations in January 2017.

As a compact and independent publishing company, Karanfil specializes in children's books and parent-friendly children's publications.

Publishing books that children can enjoy reading and gain a reading habit with, Karanfil Publishing introduced new technologies applied in the sector for the first time in Turkey.

Being one of Turkey’s fastest growing publishing companies, Karanfil is working with the motto of “strong individuals, strong resources, excellent results”.

With well-known authors, illustrators and new talents, Karanfil publishes high-quality schoolbooks, course books, commercial fiction and non-fiction books for children of different ages.

Scrupulously examining the books submitted to the publishing house, Karanfil prepares the books for publication by considering their contributions to the readers and the society.

As part of its social responsibility, Karanfil Publishing informs its readers, contributes to the awareness of children, ensures children to embrace our culture and prepares children to the future. 


Being open to innovations, can respond the needs of our generation, use our mother tongue correctly, being competent in foreign languages, being aware of our potential, adopting Atatürk's principles and revolutions, behaving modern, nationally and locally, not destroying the bridges with our past and sensitive to our environment, being rational, principled and responsible, we aim to raise valuable individuals with high-standard and well respected publications.