Karanfil Group Mining Industry and Trade Inc is a Turkish mining group operating in the mining exploration sector with projects on precious and base metals.

With it’s 9.5 million dollar initial investment and excellent field position, the company aims to be one of the Turkey’s best concrete sand mining companies, reaching a daily volume of 8,000 tons and 133 trucks loading capacity.

Karanfil Mining, which contributes to the national economy with it’s two metal mines in Central Anatolia, conducts advanced exploration studies in respect of nature, environment and people without compromising quality in potential mining sites.

The Company continues it’s activities with the strategy of developing sustainable mining projects where economic and social development is integrated with environmental protection and becoming one of the country's major mining producers.

Karanfil Mining, which prioritizes the health and safety of it’s employees at the forefront in all it’s operations and exploration fields, carries out environmentally friendly, highly economic and sustainable mining activities for the society and it’s employees.

As a reliable service provider, industry partner and employer, the company continues it’s R & D efforts to reach it’s best potential.

Without compromising it’s vision and values in it’s business processes, Karanfil Mining continues to consolidate it’s leading role in the sector and to set industry standards by producing foreseeing mining solutions.