Karanfil Law, which is one of the essential parts of Karanfil Group, provides a complete and integrated legal service to its clients with its knowledge and experience in different legal fields.

In line with its core values ​​and mission, the company provides high quality services with its team acting on the basis of division of labor.

Karanfil Law operates without compromising our basic principles including career principles, equality, honesty, efficiency, service quality and human values.

Acting on the principle of confidentiality and loyalty, Karanfil Law provides all kinds of legal support not only for existing disputes but also for any future disputes.

In order to be at the forefront of the field of law, it is necessary to have the self-confidence that will challenge preconceptions, to share ideas and push the limits.

Karanfil Law provides legal services within the framework of teamwork, compliance and loyalty to clients.

Being aware of the importance of understanding the business line in which the client operates, the company acts as an extension of its client through its activities. Thus, with its innovative and high quality service, the company offers its clients a wider elbowroom. 

The legal team, working with the principles of excellence and stability, serves both in Turkish and English.

The Company aims to raise the level of respect for the law by respecting the rights of its clients and parties with whom it is involved during professional activities in all business processes.


• Company Law

• Contract Law

• Foreigners Law

• Law of Obligations

• Real Estate Law

• Business law

• Criminal law

• Law of Family and Inheritance 


To be a global business law firm that provides high quality legal services to our clients and creates value.


To contribute to the increase of respect and trust in justice, to work for establishing justice by professionally defending the rights and freedoms of our clients within the framework of mutual respect and business rules.