Karanfil Construction is a Building Project Management company that provides engineering, building protection, interior-exterior and furniture design and management consultancy services to its customers.

Karanfil Construction, founded in 2007 by Murtaza Karanfil and his partner, offers a top notch experience to its customers with a strategic, flexible, experienced and innovative approach.

Expanding its market with the connections it has established, the company develops bold and determined business relationships with actors interested in the Turkish construction sector.

Karanfil Construction has a corporate governance organization that can manage its high capacity business volume in the best way.


To create the engineering of the future with innovative ideas and applications.


To make our customers' dreams come true with our unique professional services.


Our strategic goal is to prepare projects in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Projects that meet these needs are delivered to our customers on time, within budget and without any deficiencies.

Our greatest strength is the medium and large-scale projects we prepare for a wide range of communities in Turkey and in the world.

In addition to our project management activities, we implement a unique combination of building management, interior decoration, furniture design and construction processes in line with our strategic objectives.

We offer engineering, infrastructure, construction, protection, restoration and management consultancy projects in Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Africa with our fundamental competence and expertise.


As one of Turkey’s leading construction companies, Karanfil Construction continues its success in the aviation sector with its projects implemented in Turkey and abroad.

In the aviation portfolio of Karanfil Construction, there are;

• 165 passenger bridges

• 4 terminal buildings

• 3 technical blocks and air traffic tower

• 5 control tower

• 4 runways

• 16 taxiways

• 500 aircraft parking area

• 60 thousand vehicle parking spaces

• Apron area of ​​4.5 million square meters.

The company also has 7 airport complex construction and construction development projects.

In addition, Karanfil Group has successfully applied its know-how and skills in non-aviation projects and expanded its portfolio.


• Residence Buildings Construction and Design

• Industrial Buildings Construction and Design

• Construction and Design of Healthcare and Education Buildings

• Shopping Mall Construction and Design

• Superstructure and Infrastructure Development

• Interior / Exterior & Furniture Design

• Reinforced Concrete Construction

• Steel and Prefabricated Building Constructions

• Conservation and Restoration

• Turnkey Service (Design and Construction)

• Project Management Service


• Prefabricated Buildings, Container, Light Steel, Structural Steel production

• Monthly production capacity: 100.000 m2 prefabricated and light steel structure, 10,000 light containers