IFBM schools aim to educate individuals who have high social intelligence, evaluate the environment quickly, have original and applicable thinking skills, adapt to language and new conditions, and have intercultural competence with its education model that can be summarized as “To the Future with Science and Character Development”.

IFBM Schools are among the leading institutions of the education sector with the visionary perspective of Karanfil Group, wide educational opportunities, innovative educational models developed in addition to academic and social achievements.

Having 3 different campuses in Istanbul, namely Kartal, Sancaktepe and Çekmeköy, IFBM Schools offer education with its kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and Anatolian High Schools.

Providing a happy, social and safe environment to its students on its modern campuses, IFBM uses the latest technology for its students and provides a unique education with rich programs and content.

Schools and teachers who have implemented the IFBM's comprehensive model have achieved impressive growth and remarkable results in terms of student achievement.

Providing world-class education and contributing to development, IFBM educates individuals of the future from today.

There are 36 different activities at the Talent Academy under IFBM, where students can discover their dominant talents. It is aimed to achieve positive character development by supporting the strengths of the students with scientific studies. Activities under Preparation for Life Club are carried out in the presence of instructors specialized in the fields of art and sports.

In IFBM Campuses, students are trained with modern techniques and methods such as Robotics Coding, Foreign Language Speaking Club, Music Workshop, Sports Academy, Craft Workshop, Pool and Mind Games.

While individuals with high ability to hold onto life are trained with the PDR Program, students with high ability to understand science, technology and mathematics are prepared for the future with STEM Program.


To raise individuals who are open to innovations, can respond the needs of their generation, use their mother tongue correctly, are competent in foreign languages, aware of their potential, adopting Atatürk's principles and revolutions, behaving modern, nationally and locally, not destroying the bridges with their past and sensitive to their environment.


To educate individuals as an institution respected in the national and international arena with high educational standards due to our innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach.