“Healthy, Pure and Natural Food”

As one of the world's leading food manufacturers, Clove Food was founded in 2017 by Karanfil Group.

With its factory and logistics base in Istanbul, the company exports high quality Turkish and world delicacies to Middle East and Africa, especially to Libya.

Clove Food distributes, sells, exports and imports Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Food Products, Beverages and Agricultural Products.

These products are mainly dairy products, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, animal products, processed meat and processed vegetables.

The company focuses on the export of quality Turkish products in order to meet the needs of the world. In addition, the company is able to offer outstanding products of international companies to the market at competitive prices.

Clove Food's main approach is to offer outstanding products at affordable prices. The company operates with the philosophy of ensuring easy access to healthy, hygienic and nutritious products in regions where production is scarce such as the Middle East and Africa.

By virtue of its long-term relations with related institutions and companies, Clove Food is able to give its customers more advantageous offers compared to the market average and completes export orders with record speed with its experienced team.

Clove Food works not only to export various products, but also to provide full service to its customers and to provide solutions for all export-related needs. All accreditations regarding the products exported are also provided by Clove Food.

Customer satisfaction is a must for Clove Food. The Company regularly conducts research and development to ensure that the satisfaction conditions are met.

Clove Gıda, strives to provide new and good products to its customers with strict quality controls and ethical business practices before procurement.


To be the company with the highest brand value in the markets in which we operate, reflecting traditional Turkish and world cuisine, distinguishing itself from its competitors with innovative products and being reliable.


To offer high quality, natural, innovative and easy-to-access traditional world delicacies to our customers.

To provide sustainable benefit to all our stakeholders and society within the framework of ethical values.



We understand the demand in the market and the possible demands and offer new solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our priority.


We are honest with our customers, suppliers and employees and carry out our relations with them in the form of transparency.

Rational Financial Performance

We carry out our activities in a sustainable financial performance perspective. We use our resources rationally.


We work towards the interests of the society, our products and services are designed in the direction of environmental sustainability.